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Academic Plus

Education Beyond the Classroom

Reading Resource

Reading does for the mind what exercise does for the body.

Avoid Reading is encouraged at our school. Right from two libraries in each block, to enrolling the children in Reading programmes, storytelling workshops and most recently, taking part in the British Council Reading Challenge, our children are made to understand the value of reading and the overall development that takes place in them.

Model United Nation (MUN)

It was a proud moment this year as we hosted our very first Meridian MUN, which was a thumping success! We had over 200 delegates from various schools from the twin cities in attendance and the quality of Debate, the confidence displayed was par excellence. Student delegates representing different countries debate & discuss to resolve world issues and crisis. Thus opening their mind to look at small and large issues objectively, research, assess the situation and come to a consensus.

Co-Scholastic Achievements

“Persistence turns failures into extraordinary achievements”

Elocution, Quiz, Seminars, Language competitions, dance, Nukkad Nattaks, Assembly with themes, Kite making, Painting, drawing, Best out of Waste, Talent show, Debates, Creating theme based face masks, external workshops by national and international groups, group discussions, poetry competition, Academic fairs, the list is endless. Teaching and learning happens at every level, encompassing each subject effectively.

CCEP(Co-curricular Empowerment Program)

Visual And Performing Activities

“Great Works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance”.

Learning does not happen only through textbook or theory but has to happen through physical exercises to keep the body fit and creative exercises to keep the mind fit. Our CCEP is an endeavor towards fulfilling that cause. With a plethora of activities provided, children get to choose according to their liking, and their need. We have activities like: Clay modeling, Pottery, Dino tino art, Indian Dance, Public Speaking, Craft, Aerobics, Keyboard etc. Due to exposure to these activities, children also get chosen for Inter/Intra school competitions and win accolades for the school. At the end of the session, we have a SKILL DISPLAY where the children showcase their acquired talents to their parents.