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Academic Experience

Academic Experience

Our teaching learning methodology is interactive with judicious use of labs, library, technology and the environment. Group discussions, power point presentations, films, street plays, quizzes, debates, elocutions, recitations, flipped classrooms, student led seminars, research work, multi-disciplinary approach and problem solving assessments are all integrated into the curriculum. This has enriched the process of learning and at the same time broken the monotony of “Frontal teaching”.

Pre-primary School

Joyful and invigorating learning environment coupled with age appropriate teaching strategies and specific learning content - our curriculum emphasizes on developing concepts and strives for a balanced development of a child with the four key elements being knowledge and creativity, life skills and attitudes.

Primary School

A balanced academic and co-curricular program to develop their interests, hobbies and personalities. This is achieved by:

  • Concept clarity through experiential learning.
  • Providing for opportunities to apply learning to real life.
  • Prepare students for life - physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced.
  • Increased learning in a child centric environment.
  • A Life Skills program which enhances various softer skills in students especially logical and Critical thinking skills, creative and social skills that help them stand in good stead when they enter into a highly competitive environment.

At Meridian Madhapur every second of the child’s development is monitored and positive inputs are induced to make learning a great experience. Through various activities tremendous efforts are made to enhance the quality of education and to ensure that learning gaps are identified and addressed.

Secondary School

“Success depends on effort and it is the cumulative effect of all small and big efforts put together”

We have so far sent out three batches of Grade X and we are proud to say that we have achieved 100% success in both and more than 60% of students are above ninety percentile. We are way above the national average in all subjects. At every level of Schooling the required competencies, skills and attitudes are developed to enable children to acquire the skills for 21st century.