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Education is the ability to meet life's situations

John G Hibon

Education is a combination of classroom learning and lessons learnt on the games field and every situation of life

Meridian School, Kukatpally offers its students 1500 Sq. feet of sports facilities which include Basketball, Handball & Volleyball courts on the first floor and a smart Badminton court for girls with a protected chain link fence.

A huge skating area on the ground floor helps children practice safely and finehone their skills.

House system: At Meridian School Kukatpally the students are vertically divided into 4 houses Amon Re, Suryas, Helios & Mithras. Keen competition in games, co-curricular & extracurricular activities help build up their interest.

Training Programmes: Leadership training sessions help students to learn the ropes of school student management in an organized manner.