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Meridian Social Responsibility

Meridian Social Responsibility

Together We can Make a Difference

Whenever our country has been devastated by natural calamities, students of Meridian have risen to the occasion. On 26th January 2001, when Bhuj was devastated by an earthquake, clothes, food grains, vessels and all essentials were packed and sent in truckloads to be distributed. In 2004, tsunami wiped out villages in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh. Meridianites personally visited the affected areas to distribute money, fishing nets and catamarans for the livelihood of the fishermen community.

Five years later, all-engulfing floods swept away villages in Kurnool District of A.P. Over Rs.8 lakhs were collected and each household was given enough food grains, vessels and other essentials to tide over the difficult period.

Over a month of continuous unprecedented heavy rains in November and December 2015, left Chennai and the adjoining district of Kanchipuram battered and inundated. The untold misery of the villagers who had lost everything was heart breaking. The Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex, under the leadership of Meridian School Banjara Hills, once again led the way to bring succour. The recent Kerala floods which again washed away villages and homes of hundreds of people galvanised Meridianites into relief action. Truckloads of survival kits were personally distributed among the distressed villagers.

In addition to relief work, Meridianites have undertaken the task of bridging the urban-rural divide by adopting rural Government schools. Basic necessities are provided and social issues of gender discrimination, health and sanitation are undertaken. The school has been involved in charitable and social work in association with the Rotary Interact Club, Lions International and other organisations. Blood Donation Camps, Fund raising for Polio eradication, support for Old Age Homes and Orphanages are a regular feature.

For all its Social Responsibility Outreach Programmes, the school has been recognised and awarded by many National Institutions.