resource meridian

Vision and Mission


To inspire and empower children to think independently, integrate, excel and contribute to the progress of humanity.


To synthesize old world values with a futuristic approach, creating a perfect alignment of the body, mind and soul, producing thinkers and balanced achievers, who are sensitive to various social, ethical and environmental issues.


We believe that every child is special and a winner.

The trust that we repose in children grooms them into confident kids with high self-esteem, equipped to face life’s challenges with fortitude.


A conductive environment supports the children’s desire and drive to learn by exploring the surroundings and using their senses to build knowledge about the world around them. Limited class strength aids in planning and resourcing a challenging environment, which extends and supports well planned experiences based on children’s spontaneous play, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring a balance of child-initiated and adult-led play based activities. The curriculum does not divide instruction into subjects but is skill based. The integrated approach ensures that various social, emotional, creative, language and literacy skills, mental ability and numerical applicability are developed to the optimum.