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Meridian At First Glance

About Meridian Kids

Welcome to a place where every child is an explorer and everyday an adventure. Cleverly engineered and carefully designed curricula invite your child to learn through fun and engaging activities, building a strong foundation in reading, speaking and writing skills in a hands- on interactive environment.

At Meridian Kids we provide a clean, safe, nurturing and intriguing atmosphere for your child with quality care that will aid their development academically, physically and emotionally. Our caring staff provide your child with affection and one on one attention on a daily basis.

Our Unique Learning Methodology

Children to us are a bundle of hope, eager to learn & lead the world. Each child has a unique potential and all that is required to help them explore the treasure within is a conducive environment. We inculcate the 'Love for Learning' in every child in the most critical childhood years which acts as a pre cursor for maximum brain development in a child. At Meridian Kids, we aim to deliver happy children for whom learning is the most joyful experience.