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Our faculty is more than just competent teachers – they are researchers, leaders and influencers of a whole generation. For teachers who play such an important role in creating thinkers and achievers of tomorrow, we make sure the methodology of teaching and pedagogy used are always current and relevant to the sphere of education. Ongoing innovation in curriculum delivery makes us contemporary and progressive. We believe in transformational learning and adopt practices like flipped classrooms and blended learning modules that aim at self-learning and encourage participatory learning through mixed ability teams.

Our teachers are frequently trained through various In-Service training programmes, Monitoring & Mentoring schemes and through workshops conducted by renowned academicians. Research & Innovation are encouraged for professional development. Micro-teaching sessions held within the departments keep the spirit of creativity and innovation on an all time high and encourage teachers to learn from their peers.

International Teacher Exchange programmes are annually conducted for an evolved learning experience and exposure to best international academic practices.

Faculty is also well-versed with the school ERP and utilize technology for standardization of lesson plans, parent-student communications and assessments.