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Meridian Social Responsibility

Meridian Social Responsibility

Together We can Make a Difference

Whenever calamity strikes students of Meridian rises to the occasion. On January 26th 2001, when Latur was devastated by earthquake,. clothes, food grain, vessels and all essentials were packed in truckloads, taken to the area and personally distributed.

In 2004, tsunami wiped out villages in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh. Meridianites rose to the occasion and personally visited areas to distribute money, fishing nets and catamarans for the livelihood of the fisherman community. Another five years later, devastating floods swept away villages in Kurnool District of A.P. Over Rs.8 lakhs were collected and each household was given enough food grain, vessels and other essentials to tide over the difficult period.
Meridian has adopted 14 Government schools in Meheboobnagar District of A.P. and constant support is given by providing stationery, books, uniform, teaching aids, vessels, clothes, footwear and even rice to these very needy students . Every year these rural students are given exposure to urban life and modern schooling by bringing them to the Banjara Hill campus .

The school has been involved in much charitable and social work in conjunction with the Rotary and Interact Clubs by supporting Blood Donation Camps, raising money for Polio eradication through Bill Gates Foundation and Government initiatives. The students visit and donate to Old Age Homes, Orphanages for HIV positive children, SOS villages, and the Indo American Cancer Hospital.

Over a month of continuous unprecedented heavy rains in November and December 2015,left Chennai and adjoining district of Kanchipuram battered and inundated. The untold misery of the villagers who lost everything was heartbreaking. Some member schools of the Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex, under the leadership of Meridian School Banjara Hills, rose to the occasion to bring relief.

Over 1300 survival kits containing food essentials, clothing, vessels, blankets, and buckets were transported to three villages of Veliambakam, Karasangal, and Murungai in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu.

Students along with the staff distributed relief material on the New Year’s Day, ushering a hope of better tomorrow.